XEGEN is a company resulting from academic works

For many years, the founding team has developed its expertise and tools through numerous research projects within the team « Evolution Biological and Modeling » (EBM) laboratory LATP UMR 7353. Following the recurrence of these projects and the identification of many needs in terms of NGS data analysis, XEGEN was created with the objective of making our skills available to as many people as possible.

« XEGEN has a strong understanding of the issues of fundamental and applied research»

An innovative company recognized and supported

XEGEN SAS and its founding team are supported by Aix-Marseille University, its valorisation service and the SATT PACA CORSE, the Marseille University Hospital Institute « Méditerranée Infection » and benefits since April 2011 from the support of the Impulse inter-university incubator of Marseille.

Since its creation in 2012, XEGEN benefits from the status of « Young University Company » (JEI-JEU).