Service Offers

As an innovative bioinformatics company, XEGEN offers you its expertise in NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data analysis and in high performance high throughput annotation for your R & D.
Our ability to assemble and annotate complete genomes as well as our ability to perform taxonomic and functional analysis of metagenomic data allows us to offer innovative services that maximize the use of NGS data.

Biological Process Studies
Specialized in NGS data analysis and functional annotation, XEGEN can intervene at different key moments in the study of a given biological process:

  • For the identification of target genes having an interest in the biological process studied and their ranking according to their importance or for the search for specific markers,
  • For the validation of the identified targets and for the analysis of the functional consequences notably by the comparison of expressions profiles.
Working with your R&D
With a strong biological expertise, XEGEN offers research services with support in the design of analyzes and support for biological interpretation of results according to the technological context and the purpose of the analyzes.
Integration in the core of the analysis processes, the expertise of our customers through the use of expert systems, coupled with a complete automation of the analysis process allows to benefit from reproducible, robust and highly specific studies.
Library Analyzes
The automation of analysis processes and the modeling of scientific expertise enable XEGEN to propose tools capable of carrying out so-called « library » analyzes.
Based on the repetition of a predefined analysis pattern by the client, this service allows to obtain fast but ultra-specific analysis results.
e.g. Automation of a routine analysis process for a large scale study.
Custom bioinformatics solutions
Our dual expertise in computer science and biology allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to meet the specific problems and needs of our customers or partners in terms of high performance data analysis « omics »:

  • Automation of simple or complex analysis processes through the development of specific pipelines,
  • Analysis software developement,
  • Databases building with web browsing and searching.

Delivery process
XEGEN offers two delivery methods depending on the type of service and the application:

  • either as »report » files with different formats,
  • or via a web securised gui