Mr. Julien PAGANINI, PhD (CEO)
Mr. PAGANINI has a dual competence in computer science and biology to be at the interface of both disciplines. After obtaining a professional master’s degree in bioinformatics (Aix-Marseille University) in 2009, Mr. PAGANINI joined the « Evolution and Modeling » team of UMR CNRS 7353 as a research engineer. For three years, he participated in numerous research projects in bioinformatics. Since 2012, he has in charge the management of XEGEN SAS, spin off of the CNRS / Aix-Marseille University, resulting from the work of Dr. Pierre PONTAROTTI’s team. He is responsible for management and commercial development. In December 2015, Mr. Paganini obtained  a PhD in bioinformatics, based on works realized in part in XEGEN company.
Mr. Philippe GOURET, PhD (Software R&D Manager)
Mr. GOURET is a specialist in information technologies, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, objects languages technologies, multi-level architectures and graphical user interfaces. He has held the position of software architect and technical project manager for twelve years in the private sector on behalf of large companies such as GEMALTO, THOMSON SDC, CEA, UNISYS, SEXTAN AVIONICS, and also in software development for the hospital. , network security and internet 2.0.
Employed for 10 years in the team « Evolution and Biological Modeling », part of his work was sanctioned by obtaining a Ph.D. in bioinformatics.
Mr. Pierre PONTAROTTI, PhD (Scientific Advisor)
Dr. Pierre PONTAROTTI obtained a thesis in Immunology in 1983, then specialized in molecular biology during his postdoctoral internship in the United States. On this occasion, he used for the first time the tools of bioinformatics and since then he has been using these tools in the context of biological evolution. At the end of the 80s, he decided to deepen the exploitation of the concepts of biological evolution for a better understanding of life.
Author to date of more than 150 articles and journals in international journals, Dr. PONTAROTTI is also founding president of the Association for the Study of Biological Evolution (AEEB) which organizes each year an international scientific congress on the theme of biological evolution. (Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles). Due to his status as a civil servant, he made the choice to place himself under the rules of articles L.413-8 to L.413-11 of the Research Code through an application for authorization of Scientific Competition (status ex – « 25.2 »). It has been validated by its employer, the CNRS, and submitted to the National Commission of Ethics which ruled positively on 17/01/2013. It is therefore authorized to provide scientific support to the company, in particular to assess from a biological point of view the relevance of the processes implemented as well as the scientific quality of the data produced.
« Xegen relies on a complementary high-level team »