Other Technologies

Our own bioinformatic platform
XEGEN implements its expertise through a unique bioinformatics platform.Based on analysis tools and a web-based visualization of the results, this platform is the support of all the analyzes carried out by XEGEN.The use within this platform of expert systems modeling the scientific expertise associated with the field allows the automation of analyzes while maintaining a high level of reliability.The interoperability and flexibility of our tools support the processing of diverse data and facilitate the development of new custom applications.

« XEGEN, a bioinformatics resource adapted or adaptable to your needs »

The use of advanced concepts

Our approach is the result of a close collaboration between biologists, bioinformaticians and computer scientists, at the interface between the academic world and the private sector:

  • From a biological point of view, XEGEN has significant experience in the field of genomics and more specifically in comparative genomics.
    The use of these concepts and related tools such as phylogeny allows for unparalleled quality annotation and analysis results.
  • Our knowledge of the standard tools of bioinformatics and their functioning, favors the integration of tools adapted and validated by the scientific community within our analysis processes.
    See our references and publications
  • Our skills in computer science and artificial intelligence technologies enabled us to integrate and model scientific expertise within proprietary bioinformatics tools.
    These concepts make it possible to fully automate the analysis process by eliminating « dependent human » steps.

 » A mixed approach and innovative concepts for reliable, robust and repeatable studies »