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Our collaboration with Xegen is strategic for our R&D department. The ability to analyze genes of interest for the molecules we develop allows us to focus as early as possible our investments on projects that have the best chance of success.
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The aims of our research are to optimize transfusions, graft and transplants. We investigate genetic polymorphisms of non-classical class I HLA genes involved in immune tolerance mechanisms. Thanks to their expertise and Polypheme® software, Xegen allowed us to make significant progress in the description of these genes, in a very short time and with a high quality of results. Xegen become a privileged research partners lead to important publication to our team.
#Immunogenetics #HLA #Polypheme

The knowledge of Xegen’s team in the field of microbial genomics, associated to the customized pipeline they developed especially for the IHU help us a lot to improve our production efficiency, to standardize our NGS data analysis and to increase significantly our new bacteria genome database.
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Since 2018, we use Xegen’s innovative and scalable software for metagenomics analysis. We have analyzed more than 4700 samples so far, and the results database modelized by Xegen provide us a rich source of knowledge and discovery.
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