Xegen announces its partnership with Enverque GmbH and it’s R&D division WeDiag GmbH developing Sars-CoV-2 detection NGS kit

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Marseille, April 13th 2022 – XEGEN, specialized in NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data analysis and customized software, announces today the start of its collaboration with WeDiag GmbH specialist of molecular biology detection. This collaboration aims to develop full package Sars-CoV-2 detection NGS solutions including reagent kit and dedicated software solution. It will provide an all in one identification solution and a discovery power solution for new variants.

In the short term our aim is to answer the current needs induced by Sars-CoV-2 pandemic in terms of NGS viruses sequencing. The NGS data analysis should allow to monitor the pandemic progression and to improve the virus characterization and diversity.

Because of their discriminatory power, NGS analyses will become the most widely used analyses in medical testing laboratories. This gives us the opportunity to further develop new NGS kit solutions for other micro-organisms having an impact on public health in numerous countries (HIV, tropical diseases).

The complementarity between XEGEN and Enverque GmbH R&D division, WeDiag GmbH, will enable to develop other innovative projects, particularly to better understand the human response to a pandemic and to facilitate the development of new mRNA vaccines (TCR-BCR, HLA)


 “It is a natural collaboration with an obvious complementarity on the value chain. XEGEN will be able to bring its know-how to develop software solutions to leverage the high added value NGS data generated by WeDiag GmbH R&D division of Enverque GmbH. This collaboration reflects a shared vision of the value and impact of NGS technologies for developing all-in-one NGS kits”

Julien Paganini, CEO XEGEN, Marseille.


“AI and Precision Medicine have rapidly become a hot topic all over the world. This drew our attention to synergies existing between WeDiag/Enverque Gmbh and Xegen. Then we targeted several applications in Precision Medicine, combined with our current Artificial Intelligence program: ‘Aesclipios’. This collaboration will lead us to better solutions in disease diagnostics, treatment guidance, drug immunogeneicity and bio surveillance.”

Joscha Hüdepohl, CEO, Sami Djoulah, CSO WeDiag / Enverque, Berlin.


About WeDiag GmbH

WeDiag is a biotech company of enverque Gmbh for health care laboratory service, R&D and AI development. WeDiag’s focus is on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies applied to medical diagnostics, treatment guidance and precision medicine integrating NGS software and Artificial Intelligence


About Enverque GmbH

Enverque provides system house for the healthcare sector and is specialist dealer for laboratory supplies / medical device. Enverque is a company and a brand of the Berlin Holding Brosnan Norden GmbH. In the healthcare division, it operates laboratories and clinics under the enverque brand and invests in selected biotechnology companies. Enverque is convinced that NGS represent the future for healthcare.